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When thinking about research there are so many avenues and forms to discuss. Research methods are based upon the Scientific Method and many Research Topics are required for high school and college classes. Choosing a Research topic may seem difficult at first, but through brainstorming and Freewriting experiments, you can easily find plenty of Research Topics to keep your professor pleased.

From science to industry, Marketing Research is a valid form of discovering consumer's preferences and thereby is used by companies to determine appropriate marketing campaigns. Marketing research is best known by its founder AC Nielson.

Applicable to the medical profession is Nursing Research. Nursing research is focused on empowering patients, their families, and caregivers and increasing the quality of treatments, community awareness programs, and quality of life for those who are living with illness and disease.

Stock research is essential for those who are considering investing their money, and will help consumers make the most well informed decision. Legal research is used to help those who have legal matters choose better options for their personal situations.

Acoustic research is based upon sound, and has infiltrated many fields, including animal communications, computer technology, and ultrasounds.

Medical research is one of the most important research fields to society as a whole. Groundbreaking new studies can save lives and increase the quality of life for many. Medical research involves new treatments and therapies as well as releases new drugs and surgical procedures into the general population.

Industry research is vital to business and the success and growth of companies.

Mesothelioma research is vital to the treatment of this rare cancer caused by exposure to Asbestos.

Career research is important for many who are considering entering or choosing a new career.

Animal research, though controversial, has been utilized in the study of many different medical technologies, remedies, treatments, and procedures. Many Nobel Prize winning scientists have conducted their studies upon animal research.

Genealogists conduct Family Tree Research in tracing their family histories and pedigrees.

Theater research is a valid scholarly study, and has shed light on the role theater has played upon culture since Ancient times. Those who study the environment as well as ecosystems use outdoor research.

Hair loss research is instrumental in developing new technologies and treatments for those who are suffering from balding.

Car research should never be ignored when undertaking the process of purchasing a new car.

Herpes research has led to new drug therapies that have proven to make the lives of those living with this virus more rewarding and have reduced the number of breakouts.