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Acoustic Research

Acoustic research is vitally important to the development of new treatments relating to hearing. Bio Acoustic Research is the study of sound and life. It can encompass everything from human auditory processes to the songs of birds calling to their mates. In the human arena, bio Acoustic Research has led to advancements in everything from the treatment of tumors to ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technology uses sound wave to create an x-ray type scan. Amazingly, Acoustic Research has also lent its profound discoveries to the advancement of music and computer technology. Often times, it is overlooked how important the arena of acoustic research is to the functioning, not only of a community or society, but to the world on a global level.

The field of acoustics is vast and diverse. Acoustic research is one of the most important arenas to developing new technologies, health, and improving eco systems. The US Navy has devoted many dollars to Acoustic Research, and studies are showing more and more how acoustics play an important role in the survival of underwater creatures. People have been fascinated and have dedicated time to the study of acoustic research relating to sonar waves and whales for centuries.

A new Acoustic Research study has just shown that mice actually sing to their mates. Using computer technology, the songs have been sampled and played where the human ear can hear the songs. They are similar to the mating songs of lovebirds, and scientists are amazed that mice have developed this form of communication. Acoustic research is an area where science needs to continually support its various projects and researchers. The aspects of the results learned from Acoustic Research have proven to be phenomenal and have had a lasting impact on society. It is probably, that the area of Acoustic Research will continue to be one of insight and scientific breakthrough for years to come.