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Car Research

When purchasing a new car it is vitally important to conduct car research beforehand. Especially now, that there have been so many natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, it is imperative that consumers use car research methods to determine where a car came from before they purchase.

There are certain tools that the common layperson can use to verify the history of a car before purchasing. These include the Blue Book and Car Fax reports. You can access both of these reports via the Internet, your Local Library, or by purchasing the Blue Book in your local bookstore. The Blue Book will give you the value of your car based upon the year, make, and model. It is a wonderful tool to have when conducting car research, whether to purchase a new car or to sell a car that you already own. By knowing the Blue Book value of your vehicle, you can make sure that you are purchasing a car for what it is really worth, and prevent yourself from being taken advantage of, and you can also sell a car for its value and not take advantage of others.

It may surprise you to learn that a new car that has been on a car lot, that was previously flooded, damaged by hurricanes or tornados, will make their way into a used car dealership. You may not have a problem with purchasing a vehicle that spent nearly two weeks submerged in filth and stagnant water, but many will decide that the car (though it may look great on the outside) may just have a few problems. It has been said that cars that have been exposed to flood have many electrical problems. However, when you walk on to the used car dealership's parking lot, no one is going to advertise to you that this car has spent most of its life underwater, and has been shined and polished to meet your approval. The best way to determine the history of any car that you are considering purchasing is to take the car's VIN number, and to run it through Car Fax. This way, you will be given a report of the car's history, including any prior accidents, damage, or if the car was a victim of a natural disaster.