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Family Tree Research

Family tree research is the area where people trace their genealogies or family pedigrees. By tracing and tracking the recorded names of relatives and ancestors, one can develop the family tree research and produce a logistical and well documented family tree. The family tree itself is basically a chart that typically includes the names, dates, and sometimes locations where the ancestors lived. The family tree chart will begin with one main ancestor (usually as far back as the family tree research will take you) and then the remaining generations and descendents are mapped out in chronological order, creating the family tree. Another name for a family tree is a family pedigree chart.

Family tree research may be conducted in a variety of ways. Certain people may have heard family tree stories that were passed down from generation to generation, yet to truly create your family tree, family tree research must be undertaken. By reviewing legal documents, marriage records, deeds, and other formal legal documents, one can begin to map out their family journey in a chronological order. Today, the budding genealogist has many more options available to make the journey a much simpler one. With the broad use of the Internet, one can search for many legal documents from the comfort of their own home, and bypass the trips to local county clerk offices to view these documents. Many professional genealogists have a deep understanding for immigration laws and laws of old, which enables them to find more facts than per say a novice. If you would like to learn more about completing your own family tree research, you may want to join a Family History Society. Here you will learn more of the art and skills used by genealogists and have more information to better equip y our in your family tree research.