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Hair Loss Research

For many men and women, the idea of losing their hair is a frightening experience. The only thing more disastrous for those who worry about this is the actual experience of watching their beloved manes fall out. For those who face this situation, hair loss research is a vital component to their peace of mind as well as quality of life. For many women, the experience of male pattern balding can be shameful and rob a woman of her sense of beauty and femininity. Hair loss research attempts to identify the genes that cause and determine hair to fall out, as well as conducts clinical trials (the first phase of research methods) that prayerfully will provide a successful course of treatment and cure for those who wish to stop, prevent, and reverse this condition.

Current hair loss research has lent its credence to various drugs, herbs, and treatments that are used to curb or retard hair loss. There are shampoos and oils available for use in drug therapies and this provides an alternative to hair replacement surgery.
Many of the current drug therapies have undergone clinical testing monitored by the government to receive approval for use in patients.

The future of hair loss research looks bright and there are many promising technologies that are being birthed right now. One of the newest forms of hair loss research is focused upon, Hair Cloning or Multiplication. Cloning is a strong scientific field, with new discoveries and breakthroughs being discovered daily. Using cloning as it applies to hair loss research has been a promising future treatment. This treatment would allow scientists to take a strand of hair and clone it. This would make hair transplants much easier by preventing the need to take hair from the head and move it. Simply, you would be able to clone hair, and transplant it to areas afflicted by hair loss. As hair loss research continues, we can be sure that we will see many new exciting breakthroughs in the future.