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Herpes Research

For those who live with the dreaded virus, Herpes, Herpes research is an area of utmost importance. It is through conducting Herpes research and subsequent clinical trials, that those who suffer can find and appropriate new healing remedies, medicines, and technologies.

Some of the main focuses of Herpes research includes prevention, awareness, and treatment for those who are suffering with this condition. As knowledge is gained and insight has become significantly greater, people now understand how Herpes is transmitted and are precautioned on ways to prevent it. Herpes research can provide individuals with accurate and reliable information regarding the facts of Herpes; advise on new treatments available to make those who are living with Herpes more comfortable, and information regarding the prevention of spreading the virus.

Herpes consists of both oral and genital lesions. You should be aware that Herpes research has concluded that those with Herpes are more susceptible to attaining the HIV virus. Therefore, the need for exclusive or protected sex cannot be overstated. It is also believed to be evidenced through Herpes research that nearly 80% of all adults are living with Oral Herpes as seen through repetitive cold sores and fever blisters. Through current Herpes research, new therapies, treatments, and drugs have been put on the market that can significantly reduce the amount of outbreaks Herpes sufferers experience.

For those who have frequent and painful oral or mouth lesions, the same drugs that have been deemed useful for genital Herpes through Herpes research have been appropriated for the use and treatment of oral Herpes. These drugs include, Valacyclovir or Valtrex, and topical treatments such as Acyclovir Ointment or Zovirax, and Penciclovir or Denavir. Valtrex is an oral medication that is given in a one-day supply. As soon as a new lesion is witnessed, 2 grams of Valtrex is ingested, followed by another dose in about 12 hours. Thanks to Herpes research, life for those with Herpes has become richer and more rewarding.