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Industry Research

Industry research is also known as market research. When developing new products for industrial or the consumer market, it is imperative that industry research takes place before releasing the new product to the masses. Industry research involves areas such as Macroenvironment, Competitor Analysis, and Consumer Analysis.

Macroenvironment involves the study known as Environmental Scanning. Environmental scanning is a very important feature of industry research. It involves studying the Economy, the Government, Legal Trends, Technological advances, Ecological Concerns, Sociological and Cultural factors, Societal and Cultural attitudes, and Labor, Material, and Service Providers.

Competitor analysis is also a vitally important factor of Industry Research. It involves profiling your competitors, creating a competitor array, and studying competitor's media ads. You can learn a lot about your competitors by viewing the way they advertise for new clients.

The final stage of Industry Research involves Consumer Analysis. Consumer Analysis involves the study of your potential customers and their purchasing habits.

Industry research is the key to business success. If you are looking to start your own business, you will want to pay careful attention to Industry Research and the information that it can give you. By using the three key areas of Environmental Scanning, Competitor Analysis, and Consumer Analysis you can have a solid foundation for the success of your future business. Environmental scanning can give you insight into strengths and weaknesses that your business may encounter based upon trends in the environment. These involve taking a look at sociological and cultural factors as well. You must thoroughly understand the nature of your consumers including their attitudes, habits, beliefs, and systems before targeting them as your potential customers.
By studying your competition, you can learn a lot of details that will help your business succeed. First of all, you must know who your competition is. You must know if the area that you would like to establish your business in or the customers you would like to sell your product to is over saturated with competition. If it is, you may need to rethink your advertising business strategy. By using Industry research, you will find the tools you need to make sure that your business is successful.