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Theater Research

Theater is one of the major forms of art that exists today, and theater research is an arena where many Universities and companies have taken special notice. By reviewing and researching the various plays, films, and productions that have taken place over the past century, theater research continues to explore and answer questions that affect virtually every aspect that the theater arts encompass.

Theater has had a profound influence on social, historical, and cultural communities. Theater research is a main and highly regarded scholarly study. It is amazing how theater reflects the overall nature of a time period and much can be learned of a culture by the study of the theater.

Another aspect of theater research includes the basic history of the theater. Theater exists in every community across the globe, as well as dates back to Medieval and even Ancient times. Ancient theater includes the Greek and Roman empires as well as Ancient Chinese, Hindu, and Egyptian theater. The origins of comedy and tragedy are wonderful areas of theater research for those who are studying to follow.

Included in theater research is a close look at costuming. When looking at ancient theater such as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, it is interesting to study the costumes worn by those in performance. In fact, in the Greek comedies and tragedies, there were specific costumes worn by the comics as opposed to those who were tragic characters. Theater research also seeks to preserve these ancient forms of theater and play.

Theater and religion often went hand in hand during the Middle Ages, and Medieval theater research consists of areas such as the Medieval Drama, Medieval Church plays, Minstrels, the Passion Play, and the English Cycles.

Theater research eventually includes the American theater as during the 1800's, as the new nation was experiencing an awakening, theater arts began to make its headlining debut. By studying theater research, actors, directors, and all those who find themselves in the theater arts can better understand and ultimately perform their craft.